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Our mission is simple: we will enable your organization to produce remarkable, sustainable results by cultivating your processes and aligning them with your ultimate objectives.

Meet Our Cultivators!

David Montour, PMP

Founder & CEO


When he is not logging miles for an upcoming marathon, you will find David working with business leaders to solve the challenges they encounter. Whether it is creating a clear, strategic vision, developing empowered leaders and teams, or successfully implementing a project plan, David is a trusted advisor and strategic planning consultant during times of transformation and growth. From change management to project management, David has the ability to assess a company’s unique needs and match them to appropriate tools and methodologies.

“Implementing business process best practices is not rocket science, however, it can be overwhelming to select the suitable tools and methodology—this is where we excel as strategy consultants. DJM has the expertise to help each business owner navigate the options and develop the best solutions for each unique organization.”

Janna Meyer
Executive Vice President

When she is not working in her garden, you will find Janna helping businesses transform into high performance organizations. Years of organizational consulting experience has led Janna to believe that running a successful business is a lot like gardening.

“First, you must start with a vision of what you want your garden to produce. Second, you have to prepare the soil to ensure that the appropriate nutrients will be available for each plant. Third, you need to understand where and when to plant, and how much sun and water will be required. To be a successful gardener, or business owner, you must be willing to adapt to changing conditions. This gardening analogy holds true for growing your people, your processes and, ultimately, your profits.”

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