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Sometimes nurturing your employees’ growth and development requires a hands-on approach and a live person facilitating the learning. At other times, there are instances in which using the right tools can make things simpler, more efficient and less expensive.

That is why we believe that virtual or online learning can be a vital solution for reaching all employees with consistent information, despite varied geographic locations or time and budget constraints. All of our leadership and team development programs, as well as our business process programs, like project management training, are available on our e-learning platform. Our system also provides a powerful and robust tracking system that will enable you to easily manage training and certification requirements.

Because each client’s needs are unique, we customize each online training program to best fulfill your requirements. Options include:

  1. Access to our virtual learning portal on a program-by-program or unlimited access basis.

  2. Customization of your own in-house, private labeled Learning Management System that is populated with our programs and/or your own existing training content. We also provide curriculum development services to help you convert your existing curricula into the appropriate format for our training management system.

  3. Purchase of our SCORM-compliant programs and upload them into your existing e-learning platform.

DJM can help you leverage the appropriate tools to complete your employee training simply and efficiently. Let us help you find a solution that will effectively nurture your employees’ growth.

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