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Essential Tools for Long-Term Growth

Just as any master gardener needs the right tools for the job, leaders within organizations need reliable, quality tools to cultivate a high performance culture. Our one-stop, online solution provides the organizational development tools needed to understand the science of hiring, developing teams, identifying high potential employees, determining managerial performance and understanding and leveraging the health of your organizational culture.

Candidate Profile

Every team leader has heard the phrase, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” Many times, the “weakest link” is an individual who is not a good fit within a team. To continue with our gardening metaphor, you may simply have a few beets in your tomato row. Our candidate profile can provide insights to management on how to hire, as well as providing vital data that would never be found in a basic personality assessment. DJM’s Candidate Profile provides custom benchmarking against key jobs that need to be filled with the best qualified team member the first time.

Over 25 years of research and development have contributed to our employment assessment system, which ensures that you have fast, accurate, cost effective and EE OC-compliant results. The candidate profile provides up to 18 pages detailing an applicant’s character and talent traits, along with the performance you may expect from the applicant. This reporting is a vital tool to help you evaluate an individual’s strong points and development areas. This personality assessment will help you make the best decision where an individual best fits within your company, as well as in what areas you may need to offer direction and training.

If you have employees in a department who are performing well, it is logical to hire the same type of person to fill an additional role. With the benchmark program, you can! Each time you run a Candidate Profile, you have the opportunity to establish, compare and utilize results to create accurate benchmarks to match your current employees. By using various existing and custom benchmarks to see how similar the scores and personality types are, you will distinguish in seconds if the applicant you are evaluating is suitable for the position and department.

and examine seven crucial areas of your organization. This phase gives us a solid understanding of your business’ present status.

Personality Profile

Have you ever wished you could discover a candidate’s personality type with a simple assessment? With our personality profile, you can discover a potential employee’s personality. Is your candidate a born leader? A supporter? A networker? With this simple job personality test, you can discover if he or she is right for your company or compatible with a specific team. Insight into personality differences allows teammates to better understand each other and work together more cohesively, which may lead to improved performance. Personality assessments also enable managers to discern how to more effectively guide and direct employees.



Employee Engagement Survey

This feedback survey uses group-based opinions to help you evaluate the overall engagement of your employees. Since an engaged workforce is important to a company’s long-term achievement, it is essential that every measure is taken to understand a staff’s level of engagement. This online employee survey will help you measure the satisfaction and efficiency of your organization and identify any issues that may need to be addressed to ensure a healthy, high-performing culture.

360 Degree Feedback

The 360 Degree Feedback, in which an individual employee is assessed by subordinates, peers and their managers, has revolutionized performance management. All levels of employee feedback—a true 360 review—are essential for the most accurate picture of employee performance; this level of feedback is key for an organization’s success in training, evaluation and growth.

Custom Survey

Different from a typical employee satisfaction survey, the Custom Survey allows you to create customized questions regarding specific behaviors. This allows you to quickly ascertain the opinions, preferences and attitudes of your employees on various topics. A Custom Survey enables you to keep a finger on the pulse of the organization.

Aptitude Assessments



Struggling with how to hire a sales superstar? The Sales Aptitude measures applicants in 11 different areas and provides insight into each individual salesperson type. This assessment will allow you to discover the level of current sales ability, as well as identify the areas that require development.


The Management Aptitude is an effective tool for revealing how to hire the right candidates, as well as develop those employees with the most management potential.

Project Management

The Project Management Aptitude is designed to help an organization determine the basic skills of new Project Managers, or to assess existing Project Managers in their capabilities for extra tasks and responsibility.

Custom Aptitude

The Custom Aptitude is a multiple choice-based employee survey that is customized for your company. You can apply up to 60 questions on any topic, with a range of 5 possible answers.

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