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Cultivating High Performance

The first step in gardening is to assess and prepare the soil—we equate this to our 2-stage consulting process.

Stage 1: Together, we study the DJM Transformation Model and examine seven crucial areas of your organization. This phase gives us a solid understanding of your business’ present status.

Stage 2: Once we understand your business’ present state, we examine DJM’s Strategic Design Sequence as it relates to your business. This sequence will help you to crystalize your vision, understand your competition and develop a strategic plan to optimize the growth and development of your organization. Stage 2 lays the groundwork for your business’ transformation into a High Performance Organization.

Helping You Sprout Great Leaders & Teams 


Once you have “prepared the soil” for a high performance organization, it is time to sprout empowering leaders and engaged teams. Our High Performance Leadership & Team Development Programs enable you to do just that. In this stage, leaders move from a mindset of control to a mindset of empowerment, and teams are engaged and motivated because they share a common vision and purpose that inspires their performance.



High Performance Leadership 

Developing High Performance Teams

Helping Healthy Business Processes Take Root 


Healthy Business Processes are essential for supporting your leaders and teams. Talented people will become complacent when processes are non-existent or are too cumbersome or complex. Our Business Development Programs help you strike the proper balance by developing and refining the business processes your people need to flourish.



Principles of High Performance 
Developing a High Performance Strategy
Developing High Performance Teams

Whether your organization needs a fresh business plan or a leadership training program, team development or organizational consulting, DJM can accommodate your unique needs. From leadership training in Denver to project management training in St. Louis, MO, our programs are available as instructor-led, online training, or as a customized blended learning approach. Learn more about our virtual learning option.

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