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Clients nationwide engage DJM for small business advice. Some of the questions we have received recently are as follows:

  • We’ve been burned several times, and it makes us question our screening and hiring practices. How to hire? … Any advice?

  • How should I plan a business? What are the basic steps?

  • What’s involved with strategic planning when there may be industry upheaval in the near future?

  • How do I write a more effective business strategy?

  • How can I improve communication between my team members?

  • How can I manage change within my organization with the least amount of friction?

  • How should I deal with conflict between my co-workers and teams? My inclination is to fire everyone and start over, but that’s probably not effective.

  • How can I change management without losing the entire team?

We will address these and many other questions within our new blog, so opt-in to be notified when we’ve published a new topic!

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